05 Nov 2014

The Emercoin Development Team is pleased to announce that Emercoin 0.3.0 is now available to download.

Emercoin 0.3.0 sees many improvements, the main one being distributed trusted storage of general-purpose data via the Name-Value Storage (NVS) service. The NVS system is a flexible platform which will be the basis for a number of services, the first being a distributed alternative DNS service.

Each Emercoin wallet now has a built-in DNS-server, which serves the alternative TLD-zones. Currently these are zones *.coin and *.emc, but it is possible to create other zone. Additionally, every registered name has its own EMC address and it is now possible to transfer EMC directly to a name, without having the address.

NVS data is organized in "key -> value pairs" with maximum key size of 512b and maximum value size of 20kb. A detailed description of the NVS, DNS and expected future services (like built-in hierarchical dispatcher of SSH, built-in Trusted TimeStamp manager, etc) can be found at: http://emercoin.com/DNS_and_Name-Value_Storage

What's new in the EMC client?

Part 1 - Interface

Emercoin's new "Manage Names" tab.

The "Manage Names" tab includes the following elements:

name: Contains standard symbols. If this name-value pair will be used with a particular service (like dns:, ssh:, etc) then characters allowed by the appropriate service should be used. e.g.

days: How many days to register the name (between 1 and 9999). Upon expiration, the name can be taken by any EMC user.

Operation type:

  • NAME_NEW - create a new name.

  • NAME_UPDATE - update values, change the owner or extend the registration.

  • NAME_DELETE - delete a name.

value: To be filled with the content to be associated with the name. The percentage indicates how much space is already occupied. This field can contain ANY type of data, although conventions should be observed when the name-value pair is to be used by a particular service. e.g.
A=|TXT=example website
See the http://emercoin.com/DNS_and_Name-Value_Storage for more details on DNS entries.

Import: This button allows you to choose any file (not more than 20kb), to be inserted in the "value" field.

new address: To enter the EMC-address of a new name owner, available only for the NAME_UPDATE operation.

Submit: This button confirms the operation and submits the data to the EMC blockchain.

Names in your wallet: This table displays a list of your names. Fields are marked in yellow while the name is pending creation or when less than a month remains before expiry. Red fields indicate expired names.

Filters: Owned by me - displays only names owned by the wallet. Owned by others - displays names transferred to others. Expired - displays expired names previously owned by the wallet.

Part 2 - DNS Services

Soon a one-click installer will be released which will enable you to access Emercoin DNS zones automatically. However, you can already access *.coin and *.emc zones today by following some simple steps:

  1. Download and install the latest Emercoin (click here).

  2. Launch, wait for blockchain to sync, and exit.

  3. Edit file C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Emercoin\emercoin.conf (if it doesn't exist, create a new one) and add the following lines:
    emcdns=1                         # Activate built-in DNS server
    emcdnsallowed=.coin|.emc # Handle only these TLDs

  4. Download and install Acrylic DNS proxy, but don't run it yet. Acrylic resolves IP-addresses of common zones (*.com, *.net, etc) and new *.coin zones. Moreover, by caching domain names it makes browsing the web faster in general.

  5. Download our configuration file for Acrylic: http://emercoin.com/files/AcrylicConfiguration.ini

  6. Replace the old AcrylicConfiguration.ini with the new one in directory C:\Program Files (x86)\Acrylic DNS Proxy\

  7. Now run Acrylic as a service.

  8. Change your DNS server to (see this video for how to change DNS settings in Windows). Leave secondary DNS empty.

  9. Run the Emercoin wallet.

  10. Go to http://emer.coin in your browser. If everything was done correctly, you will see our site in zone *.coin.

  11. Congratulations! :-)

Acrylic is just one option. You can also access *.coin domains through a gateway such as emergate.net (i.e. emer.coin.emergate.net). For more ways to integrate Emercoin DNS see http://emercoin.com/DNS_and_Name-Value_Storage.

UPDATE: in January 2015, Emercoin entered into a peering agreement with the OpenNIC community which will allow domains registered in Emercoin's blockchain to be accessible to all users of OpenNIC DNS. Once peering is in place, Emercoin domain zones will be accessible by changing your DNS resolver address to your nearest OpenNIC server. This can be achieved by visiting opennicproject.org and following their guides for setting your DNS resolver. This is the most simple and convenient method to access Emercoin DNS zones.

- Emercoin International Development Group