15 Jan 2015

Emercoin Reaches Peering Agreement with OpenNIC

Today Emercoin has reached a peering agreement with OpenNIC - a network of alternative DNS providers that is open and democratic and supports DNS neutrality. Information about OpenNIC can be found at their website, opennicproject.org.

Emercoin's decentralized blockchain-based DNS technology aligns closely with OpenNIC's goals, and an overwhelming majority of voters in the official OpenNIC community ballot were in favor of peering with Emercoin.

The peering agreement will allow domains registered in Emercoin's blockchain to be accessible to all users of OpenNIC DNS. Emercoin DNS currently supports the domain zones *.coin, *.emc, *.lib and *.bazar, and Emercoin DNS records can be registered/maintained from within the Emercoin software.

Once peering is in place, Emercoin domain zones will be accessible by changing your DNS resolver address to your nearest OpenNIC server. This can be achieved by visiting opennicproject.org and following their guides for changing your DNS resolver.

Useful Links:

Download the Emercoin software - http://emercoin.com#download
Emercoin DNS Technical document - http://emercoin.com/DNS_and_Name-Value_Storage
OpenNIC Project - http://opennicproject.org