24 Sep 2016

Emercoin is pleased to announce that Emercoin 0.5.0 is now available to download.

Emercoin 0.5.0 includes many improvements:

  1. New GUI from Bitcoin 0.10.2 (including control of transaction inputs)
  2. Improved debug tab, including traffic graphs and peer network stats.
  3. New Emercoin RPC and debug console commands.
  4. Various new Bitcoin security standards.
  5. Optimized block upload protocol (headers are uploaded first, and then the blocks are uploaded asynchronously).
  6. Faster block uploading due to parallel processing provided by multiple peers.
  7. More responsive block uploading, preventing freezing of the GUI.
  8. Improved localizations and language translation quality.

Thanks to the hard work of the Emer development team, the future of Emercoin is brighter than ever. If you want to get involved, please submit improvements to the official Emercoin Github repository.

- Emercoin International Development Group