Download the EMC Digital Proof of Ownership (DPO) Serial Number Publisher here.


This utility streamlines the process of placing DPO serial numbers into the Emercoin blockchain from a table in CSV format.

Preparation of a CSV serial number table:

  1. Open an Microsoft Excel table and create a new empty page.
  2. The first box (A1) shall be called “SN”.
  3. Other boxes of the first line may have any name, but if you need to protect the content of any column with a signature, it is required to place an “F-” in front of its name (for example, F-Model, F-Master).
  4. In the next line you start to input the data for the first serial number.

    For example:

  5. When the table is filled in, save (export) it in .csv file format. This table will serve as the template for the reservation and signing of serial numbers.

Preparation of the Emercoin wallet for the work with the utility:

  1. If Emercoin wallet is currently running, exit it (Menu File/Exit).
  2. Enter the wallet folder via Windows Explorer:

    C:\Users\<YOUR USER NAME>\AppData\Roaming\EmerCoin

    In this folder you need to create a configuration file called emercoin.conf (for convenience, first create a text file called emercoin.txt, and then rename it after editing).

    In the file emercoin.conf write the following lines:

    rpcpassword=”your password” (the connection password, not the wallet password!)
  3. Launch the wallet.
  4. If your wallet is encrypted, unlock it by clicking on the lock icon in the bottom right corner of the program and entering the wallet password.
  5. You may check the wallet’s readiness to work with the utility by typing the following address in your browser: If the browser requests the password and login, all is fine.
  6. Make sure that the Emercoin wallet contains enough EMC coins for all the records for your project (based on the calculation of ~0.07 EMC for each serial number).

SN Publisher preparation:

The utility is semiautomatic. It finds the enterprise root record DPO (for example, dpo:Raketa) and links all serial numbers to the EMC-address of this record. To do this, after the installation:
  1. Go to the folder with the SN Publisher installation utility (by default, this path is C:\Program Files (x86)\EmerCoin\Emercoin DPO SN Publisher).
  2. Open the file Emercoin_DPO_SN_Publisher.exe.config in a text editor.
  3. Edit the entry <add key="RootDPOName" value="dpo:Raketa" /> and save the edited file.

Saving serial numbers into the EMC blockchain:

  1. Launch the utility.
  2. In the tab “Wallet settings”, input the connection password (rpcpassword=”your password”) and click the “Check connection” button. In case of successful connection, the utility will show the message “Connected successfully” and your wallet balance in EMC.
  3. Go to the next tab “Serial Numbers”. Using the button “Browse..” select the CSV file containing the table with your serial numbers.
  4. In the window “Lifetime of SN record”, select the number of days, for the period of which your serial numbers will be reserved (by default this is 1,000 days).
  5. Using the button “Reserve serial number record”, start the process of saving your serial numbers to the blockchain. The utility addresses the Emercoin wallet and creates the records automatically. In the process, the EMC coins are spent (~0.07 EMC per record by default). This process will take some time, proportionally to the number of records. The confirmation of all published records by the Emercoin network will take 20–50 minutes.
  6. If you have completed the operation described in section 5 and made sure that all records to the blockchain were saved to the blockchain, you may proceed to signing the reserved serial names. This operation is analogous to the previous step and will take about the same amount of time. The coins are spent (~0.01 EMC per record) for this operation as well.
If any functions are missing in this utility for your needs or you want to adapt it for your business, contact us and we will be glad to help.