Using Emercoin NVS to deploy and manage Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)


A simple program emcSSH provides a bridge between OpenSSH and the EMC blockchain, allowing for secure, decentralized management of PKI. When OpenSSH is configured to refer to emcSSH, the program will query the Emercoin blockchain to retrieve SSH credentials during the authentication process.

Users can manage their own login credentials (public keys) by submitting and modifying records in the EMC blockchain (using the standard Emercoin GUI or daemon). Similarly, admins can manage user groups for their services that may contain references to other groups as well as individual users - allowing for the creation of recursive authentication trees. Records are considered secure and unalterable due to the nature of blockchain technology.

This novel advance in PKI architecture is another example of what the Emercoin NVS can achieve.


Linux Manual: click here
Tutorial: click here
Installation guide: click here
emcSSH redistributable: click here