Emercoin Proof-of-Work Guide

You can mine EMC using SHA-256 ASIC miners by directing them to a Proof-of-Work (POW) mining pool.

Sign up to the pool : and navigate to the tab: My Account / My Workers where there will already have been created default worker "UserName.1" with password - "x". Optionally you can create some more usernames and passwords for your miners.

Now give your mining program the following details:

Pool address:
Pool port: 3333
Worker Name: UserName.1 (or as created during pool setup)
Password: x (or as created during pool setup)

For example, this is the command line to run for cgminer:

cgminer -o -u User.1 -p x

If everything is ok then after a while you will see in the statistics window your username, the power of your miner and the number of mined coins.