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Blockchain is gaining popularity all over the world as this emerging technology has significant potential for finance and other industries. During the past years, Emercoin broadened its presence on cryptocurrency and blockchain market in general.

Emercoin team wants to share information about services and technologies with as many people as possible. Therefore, Emercoin website received a very significant and long-awaited update. Now you can read about our technologies and news in three more languages and in eight languages in total. The addition of new languages – Arabic, German and Spanish – was based on blockchain market share researches and on Emercoin’s experience. We are ready to share our knowledge and technologies with the world.

Blockchain global market is predicted to reach $60.7 billion in 2024. Recent event in Dubai – Nextgen Blockchain Solutions – showed us the growing interest of the Middle East region in innovations and blockchain solutions. The same can be said about Latin America, Europe and about Spain, Germany, Austria, Denmark and Switzerland in particular. They see a great potential in blockchain services and are ready to welcome blockchain in their businesses as well as in government initiatives. On the example of Latin America, one can see that the blockchain helps to fight corruption, illegal exchange of currency, hyperinflation and make life in the country more transparent for its citizens and government.


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