EmerDPO is a decentralized solution for the validation of Digital Proof of Ownership (authenticity) for both physical and digital goods and services, using the Emercoin blockchain. EmerDPO operates under the "dpo" service abbreviation in the Emercoin NVS.

With pre-blockchain technology there exist a myriad of problems with the validation of ownership in key areas of economic activity such as software licenses and subscriptions, land titles and deeds, music, artwork, diamonds, vehicle registrations and much more. The traditional methods used to validate and authenticate ownership via written records and license keys is burdensome, and opens up the possibility of fraud, counterfeiting and even theft.

By outsourcing the factor of trust to the Emercoin blockchain, physical and digital goods can now be assigned immutable proof of ownership to their respective owners.

Digital Proof of Ownership solves many real world problems related to the validation and authentication of products and services.

  • To verify item authenticity and ownership with EmerDPO visit

More information

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