For Coinholders

EMC is a monetary unit used for transaction operations on Emercoin blockchain. It also opens access to the extensive network of Emercoin blockchain services for business and users.

Why Emercoin?

Emercoin is a lightweight blockchain that doesn’t require high powers to use and maintain. Anyone with a computer and one of the supported wallets can get access to the system of blockchain services.
Blockchain services
Emercoin developed a variety of distributed blockchain services which are used in many solutions for users and business. Their main advantages are security, reliability, and decentralization
New blocks can be generated by the Proof-of-Stake algorithm. The more coins are in a wallet, the higher the chance to generate new blocks. The algorithm guarantees the return of 6% p.a.
This algorithm of mining allows generating new blocks with high-performance machines. With Merge Mining, it is possible to mine Bitcoin and Emercoin at the same time.
PoS + Merged Mining + PoW
The combination of three algorithms ensures a high level of security of the blockchain and protects recorded data from any malicious actions, including Man-in-the-Middle and 51% types of attacks. Safety is the priority of public blockchain.
EMC is developed by Emercoin that focuses on its growth and expansion of use and governs the development of Emercoin blockchain in general.
Getting started with
Starting to use Emercoin is easy. You just need to download the wallet and purchase the cryptocurrency — or optionally mine it yourself. The steps are detailed below:
1 step
Download the wallet
Emercoin wallet is available in desktop and mobile versions *.
Download from Sourceforge
Get Docker
Open source on Github
Mobile wallets. Developed by Aspanta.
Emercoin SW

Wallet with the highest level of security. Transactions are created and signed directly on the the device, not on the server. Does not support NVS.

2 step
Buy coins or start mining
Buy coins
Cryprocurency Exchange
Foundation year
Deposit method

So how do you exactly buy cryptocoins on an exchange? The easiest way is to place a “market” order, meaning that you will buy EMC for USD at the lowest rate currently offered by sellers.

All cryptocurrency exchanges charge a small fee on the deal amount, usually varying from 0.10% to 0.25%. A third party has compiled a set of comparisons here.

Mining and minting

Just like with any cryptocurrency, you can earn coins by generating new blockchain blocks. This can be done either through merged mining with Bitcoin, or through minting blocks in Emercoin’s own blockchain.

In the latter case, you get PoS bonuses at the rate of approximately 6% per annum on the staked EMC amount.