Logging on to Livecoin.net with EmerSSL


The news is irrelevant, the Livecoin exchange has died. RIP.

Big news here! Livecoin became the first exchange to allow their users to log on to their accounts using the EmerSSL blockchain app. Users can install a personal certificate and configure the login procedure themselves. This option does not override the two-factor authentication method (Google Authenticator), but it is a safer and more convenient alternative to a password-based login system.

What’s the point?

Password-only logon has long been recognized as outdated and insecure. The very method has fundamental drawbacks: Passwords are vulnerable to sniffing, keylogging, video surveillance, phishing, social engineering, and public access point hijacking. It gets even worse because most users tend to use the same password on many websites.

All in all, there is no peace of mind for password users.

An EmerSSL blockchain certificate, which you only need to install once, solves the above problems. It establishes a direct secure connection to the exchange, making man-in-the-middle attacks and phishing futile. At the same time, you can still log on to the exchange with your password as a backup method.

How it works

Before creating an EmerSSL certificate, you will need:

  • A synchronized Emercoin wallet — it will take 1–1.5 hours to install it for the first time.
  • A few EMC coins.
  • For Windows users, OpenSSL.exe to generate certificates (here or here).
  • An existing Livecoin account.

Video tutorial: How to install an EmerSSL certificate to log on to the Livecoin exchange