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About Emercoin

Emercoin is an emerging leader in secure, distributed blockchain business services. With many companies using Emercoin technology, there is a core Emercoin team that maintains and develops services for the public Emercoin Blockchain, which uses the Emercoin cryptocurrency (EMC) to perform a variety of services.

Offering some of the most innovative, real-world solutions, the Emercoin Blockchain is the premier public blockchain for secure, decentralized business operations.

Services available on the emercoin blockchain
Emercoin’s blockchain supports a variety of business operations and services, including:

Are you afraid your website can be suspended by authorities? With “the screws tightening” around the world, your fears might well be justified. EmerDNS is the way out.

Completely decentralized, EmerDNS is safe from any kind of censorship. No other user can modify your record — only the record creator can manipulate its content.

EmerDNS websites can be easily resolved with the help of several browser extensions, by using OpenNIC servers, or via proxies. 

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Do you use a server-based PKI? Don’t ask what happens if the server’s administrator wants to act dirty. With EmerSSH, you’re totally safe.

Through its decentralized nature, EmerSSH makes it impossible for anyone to obtain root certificate keys and thus decrypt the data being transmitted.

EmerSSH can be seamlessly bridged with OpenSSH, giving you flexibility in addition to security.

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If you are used to passwordless authentication via SSL certificates, you know how costly these are. Worst of all, if your certification authority is compromised, you’re screwed. Now meet EmerSSL.

A totally decentralized infrastructure of SSL certificates, it makes man-in-the-middle attacks impossible. And it’s WAY cheaper than doing it with a central CA.

And it’s so easy to use: Generate your private certificate once, and enjoy passwordless — and secure — access to selected websites for years.

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If you own pretty much anything, your ownership data are usually stored in centralized databases, open to all kinds of “centralized” manipulation. With EmerDPO, it is not.

A decentralized ledger of ownership certificates, it can be used across all industries where you can’t entrust the management of ownership data to a single authority.

From land titles to software licenses to vehicle registration data, EmerDPO will keep you assured that whenever something becomes yours, it will stay yours.

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How can I use the emercoin blockchain?

The Emercoin Blockchain has its own currency, Emercoins (EMC). To use any of the services listed above, you would use tiny fractions of EMC.

What sets Emercoin apart from other service blockchains is that Emercoin has pioneered a groundbreaking data organization system that allows for these services to utilize valuable data without needing immense amounts of storage space and complicated coding languages. To buy Emercoin, you must have compatible wallet software. Visit our site for wallet links, as well as links to cryptocurrency exchanges that sell Emercoin.

Tech Tree
Companies using emercoin technology
Emercoin can also be found on the Microsoft Azure cloud and RedHat.