Emercoin Specifications

Emercoin (EMC) is a cryptocurrency with hybrid PoS and PoW mining (merge-mined with Bitcoin). Coin generation is focused mostly on production of coins by energy-conservative PoS as PoW difficulty gradually increases over time.

Total Supply: Algorithmically increasing at approx. 6% per year [click here for latest stats].
Block frequency: 10 minute average.
PoW Algorithm: SHA-256 (merge-mined with Bitcoin).
PoW block reward: 5020 EMC, decreasing according to PoW difficulty.

Formula: Reward = 5020 / sqrt(sqrt(difficulty))
PoS reward: Approx. 6% pa.
PoS stake-weight maturity: 30 days.
Max. stake-weight: 90 days.
Difficulty adjustment: Recalculated each block. Adjustment gradually increases over time to favor PoS minting.
Maturity for newly mined reward: 32 blocks until new coins can be spent.
Base58Check encoding address prefix: 33
Default p2p port: 6661
Default RPC port: 6662