Incorrect underline handling in emerDNS.

Solution: Do not use such domains or subdomains. As a last resort - put the corresponding records in the top-level domain without the permission of such a subdomain through the SD tag. Then _dnslink.ipfs-docs.emc will be processed as ipfs-docs.emc, and the search will work correctly, for example, for our case:

 $ dig + noall + answer TXT dig + noall + answer TXT _dnslink.ipfs-docs.emc

_dnslink.ipfs-docs.emc. & nbsp; 3157 & nbsp; IN & nbsp; TXT & nbsp; & quot; dnslink = / ipfs / bafybeieenxnjdjm7vbr5zdwemaun4sw4iy7h4imlvvl433q6gzjg6awdpq & quot;  

The SSL certificate generation submenu GUI for emerSSL can generate a zero-based serial certificate (the probability of such an event is 1/16).

Solution: ignore such a certificate, do not post its hash on the blockchain, generate a new one. Defective can be removed.