• Launched in December 2013 as a fork of Peercoin.
  • Added STUN IP discovery to remove usage centralized commercial service
  • Added Name-Values Storage - a universal trusted platform for external blockchain-based services.
  • Implemented EmerDNS, a decentralized domain system that provides irrevocable domain names and robustness to the DNS infrastructure.
  • Invented and implemented blockchain-based security services.
  • EmerSSH, Worldwide Public Key Infrastructure and Access Control List.
  • EmerSSL, Passwordless identification and secure web-login.
  • InfoCard, electronic business-card, works together with EmerSSL.
  • Invented concepts of EmerDPO, EmerTTS, Magnet.
  • Emercoin officially appears at, Cryptopia and YoBit
  • Emercoin is in the list of TOP20 cryptocurrencies on Coinmarketcap
  • Emercoin officially appears at BTC38 and хBTCe
  • Cooperation work with the United Nations
  • Established partnership with Microsoft BaaS program and released “Blockchain Engine” MS Azure application.
  • First real usage of EmerDPO - Kolionovo farm shares.
  • Transaction optimizer — preserves blockchain from unnecessary inflation.
  • Distributed and dynamic checkpoints.
  • Emercoin included in RedHat catalog of certified programs.
  • Three-in-one mining mechanism: POS + POW + MergedMining.
  • Lot of core improvements, including full decentralization.
  • On-the-fly exchange emercoin to other cryptos with external exchanges API (shapeshift, coinreform).
  • Invented and implemented ENUMER, a blockchain-based telecommunications platform.
  • Started public testnet with web-explorer.
  • UnaDesk strives to decentralize the real estate and utilities markets and uses the Emer blockchain.
  • Tech adoption cases with: Deloitte, eZuce, Russian Railroads, SipXcom, HashCoin, AbitSystems
  • Emercoin officially appears at HitBTC, Indacoin, BITTREX, USDX
  • Released version 0.7.0 of the wallet with Segwit support and improved core and DNS subsystem.
  • Completed implementation of ATOM, a secure protocol for P2P sale of NVS records (DNS, land certificates, etc.).
  • Randpay, the second generation of lottery payment aggregation, launched.
  • Updating the wallet to version 0.7.9
  • Emercoin blockchain is used at the Aktiv Financial Academy
  • Release of File Validator, a blockchain-based file validation service using Emercoin NVS.
  • Emercoin is available on Docker
  • Working on creating multiple Name records in one transaction
  • Moving from BerkeleyDB to Level DB for NVS
  • Domain SSL certificates for emerDNS sites
  • Preparing for the transition to Bitcoin Core 0.19.1
In the work
  • New version 0.8.0
  • Further code improvement
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