Emercoin Command Line Daemon (headless)

Emercoin on the command line

The latest emercoin daemon can be installed as a system service via repositories for the most popular flavors of Linux:

For Arch Linux

The package can be installed from the AUR, if you have the AUR helper installed, you can install it through it, for example, using yay:

yay emercoin-bin

Or manually (we recommend that you read this article)

pacman -S --needed base-devel
cd /tmp
git clone
cd emercoin-bin
makepkg -si

To use the commands, the user must be in the emercoin group. This can be done with the command:

useradd -aG emercoin username

You can control the service using the systemctl utility, for example, to add emercoin to startup and run it right away, write:

systemctl enable --now emercoind

The config file is located along the path:


After installation, the emercoin daemon can be invoked by typingemc, or controlled as a system service. e.g:

emc getinfo

For command help:

emc help

For runtime options, type:

emc -help

To stop the daemon in Ubuntu:

service emercoind stop

To start the daemon in Ubuntu:

service emercoind start

To restart the daemon in Ubuntu:

service emercoind restart