August–September digest


Hey everyone, here’s our biggest updates over the last two months:


1) Livecoin users can now log on to the exchange with EmerSSL. This is the first time EmerSSL is running in a company with considerable financial liabilities, which means that businesses are trusting it more and more.

2) New wallet version 0.7.10. We strongly encourage you to upgrade your wallet to avoid forking. In particular, we have:


  • Completely rebuilt PoS spam protection, making it more reliable and accurate than ever. 
  • Added PoS spam protection to the testnet.
  • Sped up blockchain loading by optimizing the NVS database.
  • Fixed an API bug for the name_scan_address method.
  • Added more STUN servers, to a total of 701, allowing clients to anonymously find out their external IP addresses.
  • Removed PoW miner code, which some antivirus programs identified as malicious software. You can turn on the miner in the debug mode.
  • Brought back the safe mode, which can be activated by a special developer message. You can turn off this option by adding “disablesafemode=1” to emercoin.conf, but we do not recommend doing this.
  • Fixed a formatting bug for the TXT field in EmerDNS.
  • Removed the custom “EMCSSL” root certificate from the *.p12 installation package.
  • Disabled the broadcasting of banned peers by the wallet.


If you are using EmerSSL, remove the obsolete EMCSSL certificate after upgrading the wallet as detailed here:


If you use Windows, you can skip steps 1–5 in the instruction above, running “certmgr.msc” in the command line instead. Here’s a video for Windows:


Do not reinstall your client certificate, it will continue working as it used to.


You can download the new wallet from

To build it manually from the source code, run:


git clone [email protected]:emercoin/emercoin.git 

cd emercoin

git checkout tags/v0.7.10emc


./configure --disable-tests

cd src