Blockchain empowers the agricultural industry to combat fertilizers & agrochemicals counterfeiting


The growth of counterfeiting poses a serious challenge to a number of industries. Any one of us may unwittingly purchase fake products in clothing stores, at jewelry store and even at a pharmacy.

The problem is not foreign to the agricultural industry. Fake fertilizers and agricultural chemicals are among the main reasons for low yields being recorded by farmers who are working on different types of soils.

Counterfeit agrochemicals and the risks they entail

Today, we can see the influx of fake agrochemicals on the global market. A study conducted by Europol states that about 15% of agrochemical products sold in the world are counterfeit. Such chemicals come in many forms: they can be of poor quality and contain untested impurities or non-licensed active substances. Fake or non-approved products may be of risk to human health and the environment. In addition, such products cause economic damage and threaten the farmers’ ability to produce sufficient quantities with less arable lands and provide safe, high-quality and healthy food.

Fake agrochemicals create a widespread negative effect and pose a significant risk to farmers, consumers, and the environment as they:

  • cause low yields;
  • expose farmers to potentially dangerous chemicals and impact their health;
  • damage soil fertility;
  • contaminate soil and groundwater;
  • damage beneficial insects and other organisms;
  • poison the greengrocery that may enter the food chain and endanger human lives.

In order to help customers and authorities distinguish genuine fertilizers and agricultural chemicals from counterfeits, companies are constantly trying to improve labels and packaging. However, such methods are outdated and do not work in the modern tech-savvy world.

Overcoming the problem with decentralized technologies

Emercoin has developed a blockchain-powered solution – EmerDPO – to manage the problem of counterfeit and stop its spread in different industries. It utilizes the advantages of decentralized solutions and provides customers with trust, security, and reliability.

EmerDPO assigns unique IDs to manufactured products. The data is stored in the Emercoin blockchain, where only the owner of a private key can change or update it. The solution helps to establish a relationship of trust between the agrochemicals producers and farmers.

EmerDPO Antifake can store data regarding the whole lifecycle of the product, from its manufacturing to shipping and selling. With scanners installed in stores or by utilizing QR codes, customers would be able to get information about a product instantly. Manufacturers, farmers, and customers could view data and check the authenticity of produced and used substances.

With EmerDPO anyone can establish sustainable farming and ensure food safety, which will benefit all – from manufacturers to end customers.