Blockchain solution ENUMER replaces ENUM technology in IP telephony – reliable, stable and decentralized


While using public switched telephone network (PSTN), international calls can easily become one of the main spending patterns. Companies are looking for affordable and reliable communication tools, and Emercoin has a service to offer.

IP telephone (internet protocol) is an optimal alternative to traditional telephone networks and is quite popular, for example VoIP services. And the use of IP telephone with the ENUM protocol is not popular. The latter acts as a distributed address book, which allows you to connect to the corresponding IP ATC bypassing telecom operators.

ENUM – centralized solution and its features

ENUM protocol is lightweight, simple, technically efficient, and supported by most IP telephony systems. However, the popularity does not make ENUM protocol flawless and reliable. It has advantages, which are:

- good communication quality due to direct digital connection;

- increase in the speed and reliability of connection;

- there are no traditional limits that PSTN-operators impose;

- the call is free both for the caller and for the recipient, including the owners of toll-free phone numbers, where incoming calls are paid for;

- there are no failures as a result of operator overload;

- minimum IP telephone configuration is required of the use of ENUM.

ENUM is not popular due to the problems that inevitably arise during large-scale implementations.

Today there is no service where the users of conventional IP telephony tools could register their phone numbers (or several numbers) and the corresponding SIP URI. Previously used and are now unavailable. You can sent a request to, however you won’t be able to get registered. As a result, you have to look for national register services.

We must not forget that ENUM is a centralized service that is prone to shutdowns and does not work correctly from time to time.

A standard ENUM system uses DNS and, as a result, is subject to all sorts of attacks on the DNS structure. They can lean to malfunctions and denial of service.

Overload of ENUM may result in the denials of service and delays in requests processing, as well as the high cost of the server infrastructure.

All the disadvantages of ENUM-systems are the result of centralization. They depend on sites that provide services for the creating and support of ENUM records, and DNS servers that resolve ENUM requests.

ENUMER – a solution based on Emercoin blockchain

ENUMER service is developed on Emercoin blockchain. It was created as a modern and decentralized alternative to ENUM. Distributed domain name system EmerDNS is a central part of ENUMER. It is invulnerable to attacks and sudden failures.

ENUMER has a high speed of resolution on ENUM request due to the local processing. ENUMER shortens the time of connection establishment from approximately 2 seconds to 0.3 seconds, and also provides anonymity of requests.

Due to the decentralization of Emercoin blockchain and the lack of a central communications node, ENUMER can be scaled indefinitely. Everyone can set up as many independent Emercoin nodes as he/she wants, and resolve ENUM request on this cluster

EmerDNS is resistant to attacks on the infrastructure, as there is no such.

ENUMER does not depend on a company that can stop the system. It will work as long as Emercoin blockchain exists.

Users can create and change ENUM records via Emercoin wallet, so there is no need for registration services and records support.

ENUMER is a fast and reliable system that is protected from attacks and has transparent query resolution algorithm. It is already successfully used by many companies that have been able to get acquainted with the power of decentralized solutions.