Emercoin digest — July 2019


See our previous digest here.


Hey everyone! It’s been a very busy month. We’ve carried out a successful hard fork, and most of the exchanges, services, businesses, and users have gradually moved to wallet version 0.7.9. If you haven’t, please do so — we are constantly adding new features and fixing bugs. To make the process easier, we’ve created detailed upgrade instructions.

Emercoin is now listed on the Deex decentralized exchange, while the Hong Kong exchange Fexpro has added BTC/EMC, and XBTS now supports personal Emercoin paper wallets. We’re in negotiations with more traditional and decentralized exchanges, so stay tuned for new announcements! 

We’ve put most of our effort this month into finalizing various intermediate version chains that resulted in the stable version 0.7.9. Now we’re working on bettering blockchain synchronization algorithms. We will move header validation from the block level to the header reception level, which will allow the wallet to discard erroneous headers early on, speed up blockchain loading, and improve validation performance. 

We’re also optimizing internal stake modifier caches in the V05 algorithm that we imported from Peercoin in version 0.7.7. Emercoin is one of the few cryptocurrencies whose entire blockchain takes mere hours to synchronize, and we’re doing our best to keep it this way.

Thanks for staying with us, and stay tuned for more news!