Emercoin team attended Crypto Valley conference in Zug, Switzerland!


The creation of Bitcoin in the world has leaded to a new thrilling technology revolution. The revolution that will stimulate people to think out of the box and choose unordinary solutions for their businesses. This first-ever digital currency has caused a whole wave for the new virtual currency kinds, that had to differ from their predecessor and possess truly distinctive features.
From the very beginning, Emercoin team has been working hard to create a product that would definitely stand out and, in result, turn into unique fusion of current technologies.

We don’t stop developing and always ready to share our achievements, new ideas and strategies with the audience. On May, 8th, we had an honor to present Emercoin as a blockchain platform at Crypto Valley conference in Zug, Switzerland. Our representatives, Kostiantyn Bigus and Oleg Khovayko talked about Emercoin distictive features, the project`s current stage, and discussed the most popular blockchain-based distributed services, that have already been implemented in different areas. For instance, Deloitte that uses Emercoin-based document management project; UnaDesk, a decentralized real estate and utilities company; a Prover company with the help of our technology enables users to record videos and notarize their creation time. The list continues with Authorizer, a free OAth2/Emer-based service that allows almost any website to use passwordless authentication via EmerSSL, and Russian Railways’ freight shipping e-marketplace that uses the Emercoin blockchain to record data.

Moreover, during the presentation, Oleg Khovayko, CTO of Emercoin, covered such services as EmerDNS, EmerSSL and ENUMER. He gave a detailed information about each of them, revealing EmerDNS as a decentralized domain name system supporting a full range of DNS records, that are completely decentralized and uncensorable. EmerSSH, in its turn, makes it impossible for anyone to obtain root certificate keys and thus decrypt the data being transmitted. And Enumer is a system for supporting ENUMER telephone records on Emercoin's blockchain, that translates telephone numbers into IP addresses, for use by SIP Proxies, VoIP gateways, and other specialized telephony systems. Deployed over the EmerDNS infrastructure, it is extremely fast due to local query resolution and is infinitely scalable. And, it won’t let you down if the central authority collapses. Because, the truth be told, there is none.

The presentation leaves an impression, that our hard work is appreciated and the product is in great demand. It really inspires us to do more, to set and achieve new goals! Our future is all about technology!

About Emercoin: 
Emercoin is a blockchain platform supporting a wide range of distributed trusted services, hybrid mining (PoW+Merged Mining+PoS) and numerous technical solutions. Emercoin is considered to be one of the most secure cryptocurrencies on the market due to its strong security policy!

About Crypto Valley conference
Crypto Valley conference is a meetup series, organized by the Crypto Valley Association, which is targeted at blockchain technologists and researchers. They invite high quality speakers with a technology or research background who give talks about upcoming tech, present useful tools and frameworks or simply walk through recent bugs or exploits in blockchain protocols.