Emercoin update 0.7.9


Dear Emercoin owners,

We noticed, some customers did not upgrade their Emer nodes to 0.7.7 or more yet, and they still running invalid version of Emercoin blockchain. Jun, 4th we released note about mandatory upgrade, seems like someone is missed this message: https://twitter.com/emercoin_press/status/1135982932512956416

Please, check your status of your Emer node. To check status, compare block height within your blockchain with height within our official explorer: https://explorer.emercoin.com/

Or, you can check with Emercoin console. Run the command:

getblockhash 363590

In correct chain, you must to see the answer:


If you did not upgrade Emercoin node to 0.7.7+ before Jun, 18, 2019, you need to do:

1. Download Emercoin core 0.7.9 (or more) https://emercoin.com/en/for-coinholders#download

2. Run Emercoin with option "reindex" once. This option re-consider entire blockchain, and set up your wallet to the correct fork. To run with reindex:

  • Linux: Just run once: $ emercoin -reindex.
  • Windows: write into "emercoin.conf the line "reindex=1", thereafter start a new wallet. After start, delete this line.

Reindex completed in ~2 hours.

3. Please note: This upgrade will cancel your POS/POW reward, created within invalid chain (since Jun, 18, 2019). To remove "stuck transactions" from your wallet, run wallet with option "zapwallettxes". This is analogous to [2], just replace "reindex" to "zapwallettxes". This operation completes in ~15 minutes.