Emernotar – protecting documents with blockchain


In the modern world, manually signed documents are used to authorize contracts and obligations as well as to prove ownership and authorship. However, in a legal dispute there is no guarantee that printed copies have not been tampered with. And it is a big problem that could be solved today with various technologies and Emernotar is one of them.

Protect files with Emernotar

Emernotar is designed to protect the integrity of digital assets (files and media) and authorship with blockchain technology. The service is built on Emercoin technology – EmerNVS that creates Name-Value pairs. “Name” is used for quick search in the blockchain, and “Value” stores data that users add and update. There are no restrictions to the type of data so that you can upload documents, media files, articles, contracts, etc.

Why is Emernotar built on blockchain?

Emernotar allows protecting the integrity of documents, create timestamps and verify uploaded data.

Integrity of documents. The service guarantees the integrity of documents by creating a hash of the documents. SHA-512 algorithm makes it impossible to generate an identical hash from any other document or file. The hash can’t be used to recreate the contents of a document. Hashes are stored in the blockchain, so nobody is able to delete them. Hashes are public and accessible 24/7 online, so you can verify your data anytime.

Timestamping. Every record on blockchain is represented as a transaction with a timestamp. Having a transaction, we know exactly when it was done and when the hash was published on the blockchain. The owner of the record can easily prove that a file was uploaded on a particular date and time and claim the authorship. If any changes happen to a file, the information will be available to users with access to the record.

Protection of authorship. With Emernotar users can claim authorship by uploading articles, blog posts and ever books. The service uses PayPal as an identification system of users. To prove the authorship, you can publish your email or the hash of it.

Verification of files. The service can be used for files verification. When you upload a file Emernotar will show whether it has been previously added to the blockchain. In the case of identical documents, you will see the author’s email or hashsum. User can sign the file twice and more times; however, one who was the first to sign it – always can prove the authorship.

Who needs Emernotar?

Emernotar is a service with truly universal sphere of application. Anyone who needs a service that can sign documents in a highly protected database could benefit from the use of Emernotar.

Storage and signing of contracts. The service can be used to sign contracts. The service will help to prove that an essential document hasn’t been tampered with, before parties sign it. API will help to integrate Emernotar into business operations easily. Businessmen and lawyers would benefit from its use.

Prevention of authorship infringement. Photographers, designers, programmers, scholars, and copywriters can prove authorship by adding records with articles, images, media files or code of programs. In case of legal disputes, they could provide of irrefutable evidence that a file has been added on a particular date at a particular time.

Collection and storage of provable consents of users. The service is useful for collection and storage of provable consents of users. In the time of GDPR, it is very important to have a service that can be used as a proof of users’ agreement for data collection and processing.

The process of adding new files is very easy and fast. You need to add a file, pay 10 cents (special offer!) with a bank card through PayPal, wait ~20 minutes for transaction confirmation and receive a certificate confirming your authorship on e-mail.

Emernotar is available as a web service as well as an app for Android and iOS is coming very soon (you can ask for a dev version for testing). Download the app and keep documents at your fingertips.