EmerSSL InfoCard – all your personal data is securely protected in Emercoin blockchain


Over the course of our lifetime, we create hundreds of user accounts on various websites and in services and apps. We do not usually think about how much time takes the registration and authorization in services that in most cases require from us to use a username and a password. However, we face difficulties when we change our phone number, email address or other important data and have to update all associated accounts. So do companies that use corporate portals, have official websites or create digital business cards.

EmerSSL InfoCard by Emercoin can solve the above mentioned problem. It is a system that allows businesses and individuals to create digital cards with any information they want to store in a digital form. It is fully decentralized and does not have a single control center.

What is InfoCard?

The registration process of a new account or creation of personal cards on all employees at your organization includes the manual adding of data in various forms, even if it is necessary to fill out the same data for a few times. The process is burdensome and requires a lot of time as it must to be repeated with the creation of every new card.

InfoCard is a decentralized distributed system of “business cards” built on Emercoin blockchain. Users can store information that is organized in a hierarchical structure, change it and use for quick content updates to all cards within companies or organizations. The created card contains information on its owner, including but not limited to the name, email address, phone number, date of birth, official website and so on.

The system is based on EmerNVS – service that allows creating Name-Value pairs in Emercoin blockchain.  The data can only be modified by the owner of the pair. InfoCard encrypts data and decryption key is transferred inside a SSL-certificate when secured connection is established.

EmerSSL + InfoCard

InfoCard can be used as a standalone service; however, its true potential is unlocked when used alongside with EmerSSL. It uses blockchain to store hashes of client SSL-certificates that are used for passwordless website login and identification.

Combining InfoCard and EmerSSL, you can automatically fill out user account details. InfoCard virtual business card can be used to fill the form instead of entering personal data every time a new account is created. A user provides a link to the stored data for a website or online service. After they use it, for example, address to make a delivery, the server “forgets” it until the next time a user logs in. If the data is changed in InfoCard, it automatically changes on all related services. Change once, use everywhere.

The use of the system offers a lot of benefits for companies as well as for users. Businesses don’t have to store personal user data on their servers. Even in the case of a successful hacker attack, personal data will not be compromised. On the other hand, users don’t need to manually add data when they make a purchase register an account or update information. The service also lowers the risk of mistakes that occur when users type passwords, usernames or phone numbers. With EmerSSL and InfoCard, you can safely fill out the registration information on the sites, without fear the information could become public.