Tech Digest & Review 1/2019


Hey everyone! January always feels a little like a vacation, but we pulled ourselves together and dove headfirst into our work. Here are the latest developments:

Emercoin core

We’ve almost finished version 0.7.4, in which we have:

  1. Added an interface for the CoinSwitch exchange. So now you will again be able to use EMC for payments in other cryptocurrencies. These will go from your wallet and through the exchange. We’re currently testing it out.
  2. Integrated Peercoin’s transaction list improvement that shows the stake odds for each UTXO.
  3. Fixed a few bugs, including that nasty one that sometimes caused the wallet to restart.
  4. Equipped the wallet with EmerSSL windows, which enable passwordless login to websites. We’ll post about it separately soon. Stay tuned!


  1. We’ve launched a dedicated EmerAPI server at
  2. The new version of the app, 0.0.3, is now available (download).
  3. All newly registered users receive complimentary EMC from Emertech, sufficient to add up to 50 blockchain records. The campaign has no expiration date as of now.

EmerAPI features:

  1. Quick integration without reading manuals.
  2. No additional software required from the developer or the end user.
  3. All keys are kept by the client. The server does not have to store private user data, except for the information required — and with the user’s consent — to enable payment features, such as creating an EMC <-> paypal gateway.
  4. The user doesn’t have to know what blockchain is. The API is designed to completely remove the user from any blockchain-specific functions. The developer needs minimal knowledge of the blockchain technology.

Emer search engine

The concept is gradually taking shape at

The first blockchain domain directory is now online! In the future, we will expand its functionality to include content search. We’ll also add a feedback form where you can recommend websites from other blockchain networks as well as Tor sites.


  1. We’re now reworking and updating key course material (site).
  2. We’re preparing content and making short YouTube tutorials on blockchain basics and Emer technologies.
  3. We’ll soon be giving lectures at the ITMO University for STEM students.
  4. We’ve given several blockchain lectures and workshops for businesses.

Trusted Diploma

  1. We’re working on a detailed manual for using the wallet tab.
  2. We’re talking to several educational institutions who are considering implementing the TD. The process was a little slower before the new year, so we’re now getting back into gear.
  3. There are some suggestions to improve the set of fields and the like — we plan to create a change batch sometime in early February.


The Livcoin exchange has a great offer for EMC traders. If your coins are listed in the exchange for over a month, you will receive regular rewards thanks to Emercoin’s PoS mechanism, which is similar to a bank deposit interest. The interest rate is usually 6%, but as the exchange limits the amount you can use for PoS, the percentage will be lower. More than 2,000 traders received their PoS rewards in EMC on Livecoin this month.

Thank you for being with us, and stay tuned for more!