Unhackable and untraceable private blog


Today, “freedom of speech” represents a relative concept. In the modern world, we need systems that are resistant to hacking and blocking, both by criminals and government. Emercoin dedicates a lot of time to solve the problem and develops secure blockchain-based solutions.

PrivateBlog is an application that can be used to make blogs, publish articles and other data in the Emercoin blockchain. It is written on the PHP scripting language and has a WEB interface so that you can open it in a browser, just like other websites.

Privacy by design

PrivateBlog provides complete privacy to the person who uses it. The IP address is not displayed anywhere, and only fee transactions can be tracked. But it is difficult to identify a person in such a way. Moreover, Emercoin blockchain can’t be blocked.

The blogger remains anonymous, which allows publishing any information without fear.

The structure of private blog

The blog displays all HTML tags and even pictures, while the engine cuts out all scripts (javascript). As the result, content in the blog looks like the internet from the 90s – a lot of text, a few pictures and no interactivity.

The interface design is made in the style of the 90s internet and supports all HTML tags and pictures. The only exception is the scripts that are not supported by the used engine.

The need to install the full LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP) is the main disadvantage of PrivateBlog. However, it can also be installed on Windows using XAMPP and DENWER packages.

To work with the blog, you need an Emercoin wallet and to have a certain amount EMC on its balance. The coins are used to publish data. You also need to set up a username and password (the connection with the wallet occurs via the Remote Procedure Call).

No vulnerabilities, no hacking

Today, any site, even registered in the Clearnet, can be hacked. Darknet (Darknet, TOR) sites are subject to DOS attacks (denial-of-service attacks). The same applies to other anonymous networks, such as I2P, Freenet, ZeroNet. Most of them store websites on servers. Emercoin blockchain is more reliable due to the use of decentralized infrastructure, which is invulnerable to the abovementioned attacks. Also, there is no need for its maintenance.

Multivariate data

PrivateBlog aggregates univariate data into multivariate data.

Univariate data is an array of strings, where each row consists of a name-value pair. You can manage NV records in the Manage Names tab of Emercoin wallet. The blockchain consists of such data.

Multivariate data is data used in the real world and has a “one-to-one”, “one-to-many” or “many-to-many” relations. In the PrivateBlog, it is stored in the MySQL database, where a blogger’s posts and keywords are also stored. The engine uses an electronic signature to aggregate univariable data in the blockchain into multivariate data in the database.

Aggregation allows to store other complex data in the blockchain.

With PrivateBlog, journalists, bloggers and activists can publish any information not worrying about personal safety and possible blocking of the web resource.

PrivateBlog is developed by Aleksej Sokolov. You can contact him via email [email protected], in LinkedIn