Deloitte is a multinational company providing audit, tax, consulting, enterprise risk and financial advisory services.

Deloitte has used EmerDPO and applied it to legally binding documents to create its branded DocSensus solution. The solution converts the document to the Base64 format and stores it in the Emercoin NVS under a unique ID.

Each document is accompanied with a QR code that leads to the DocSensus web app, which queries the NVS for the document’s ID, retrieves and decodes the document content, and shows it to the user. Thus, anyone can quickly check the electronic original online and confirm the authenticity of the document in their hands.

Thus, instead of storing paper copies of documents that are prone to falsification, loss, and theft, Deloitte keeps them in electronic form and stores in a distributed database that is secure against any form of manipulation. And, last but not least, this saves around 5,000 trees a year!