Meet the Emercoin team...

Oleg Khovayko
Cryptography and Financial Expert

Has a strong background in the realm of finance and specializes in the technical aspects of blockchains and cryptography.

Eugene Shumilov
Founder and CEO

Emercoin's fearless founder has an unstoppable vision for Emercoin to become the global leader in blockchain innovation.

Stan Polozov
Blockchain Implementation Specialist

An accomplished career in the technology industry. Provides insight into how Emercoin can be integrated with existing architecture.

Christopher Lovell
Chief Communications Officer

Networking expert and blockchain enthusiast. Responsible for growing partnerships and handling media.

Stefan Reichert
Emer ambassador in Germany

With many years of technology and digital currency experience. Working on customization, development and promotion of Emer solutions for DACH region.

Eugene Merenkov
Senior Programmer

Focuses on improving Emercoin's currency and blockchain offerings through the testing and development of new technology.

Sergii Vakula
Chief Information Officer

Cloud infrastructure, distributed system architect. RedHat and Ubuntu maintainer.

Ivan Kuznetsov
PR Manager (Russian Market)

Liaison with the press in the Russian market.

Lin Wan (namjar)
Emercoin China Executive Director

Enthusiast / Web Developer / Emer Ambassador / Business Representative in China.

Jason Cassidy
Emercoin Adviser, Partner in Canada

With a background in managing people, technologies and communication, Jason is Emercoin's 'Jack of all trades'.

Yury Kirilchev
Integration Architect / Business Consultant

20+ years IT-experience in data warehouses, analytical, billing and core-systems. Expert in business processes of financial sector, insurance and exchange trading companies. Blockchain-platform and integration architect.

Oleg Khovayko, Eugene Shumilov and Stan Polozov are official representatives of the Emercoin Team.

For developer, media, and partnership inquiries, please contact us.