Emercoin now listed on Deex


The decentralized cryptocurrency exchange Deex has added EMC to its listings. Deex users are now able to purchase EMC, use them to pay for services via Cryptomat, and support startups’ IEOs with Emercoins.

“The coins we list are listed forever: Once listed — never delisted. This is a big advantage of decentralized exchanges: There is no one who can prevent users from trading the assets of their choice.

We see Emercoin as our partner, so it only makes sense that we allow our users to support IEOs with Emercoins. In addition, users are also able to purchase EMC, or use them to pay for services using the new Cryptomat service,” says Deex CEO Vladislav Sapozhnikov.


Why Emercoin?

The Emercoin project was started in 2013, began its development as a blockchain for services distributed-SDK.

It already supports distributed SSL/SSH authentication, distributed DNS, blockchain-based PKI storage, VoIP (ENUM/E.164) mapping, key/name-value storage (NVS), torrents and other services.

Emercoin is a public blockchain optimized for compact storage of various data sets and basic services. Its convenient API allows users to quickly build their own services on top of the blockchain, simplifying the integration and creation of new blockchain solutions from scratch. 

Emercoin uses hybrid/merged mining with Bitcoin, enabling high security and immutability of records. Dozens of companies and projects already use Emercoin as a business solution. For example, the 2018 Macedonian referendum was held using an Emercoin-based approach. Trusted Diploma platform will help our school build a secure and immutable database of education certificates

You can find out more about then Emercoin project (SSL, SSH, DNS, PKI, DPO, TTS/Time-Stamping, VoIP ENUM, NVS) on its home page


Why Deex? 

Deex is a decentralized exchange, and that is its main advantage. Unlike centralized exchanges, Deex allows you to trade any BitShares-compliant coin. Coins created with this protocol cannot be delisted, because all data is stored on a blockchain.

Deex has been around for over a year and already has over 100 traders.

Deex video tutorial.