If you own pretty much anything, your ownership data are usually stored in centralized databases, open to all kinds of “centralized” manipulation.

With EmerDPO, it is not.

A decentralized ledger of ownership certificates, it can be used across all industries where you can’t entrust the management of ownership data to a single authority.

From land titles to software licenses to vehicle registration data, EmerDPO will keep you assured that whenever something becomes yours, it will stay yours.

EmerDPO is a decentralized solution for digitally validating the ownership or authenticity of both physical and digital goods and services using the Emercoin blockchain. EmerDPO operates under the “dpo” service abbreviation in the Emercoin NVS.

Before blockchain, validating ownership was a drag in many areas: software licenses and subscriptions, land titles, art and jewelry ownership, vehicle registrations, and more. Authenticating ownership via written records is burdensome and opens up the possibility of fraud, counterfeiting, and even theft.

With the Emercoin blockchain, the ownership of physical and digital goods can now be immutably assigned to their respective owners.

For more information about verifying item authenticity and ownership with EmerDPO, visit emcdpo.info.

EmerDPO Documentation

EmerDPO is the best solution:
for companies whose goods and services are counterfeited
for organizations that want to receive information about their ultimate customers and to establish contact with them
for brands that want to be attentive to every customer
for manufacturers who want to create forgery-resistant digital passports (with records of sales and resale, maintenance, repairs)
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