EmerNVS forms the basis of the vast majority of Emercoin innovations. It allows storing name->value pairs on the blockchain. Name – the title of the stored data – is up to 512 bytes. Value – the data itself – up to a length of 10 kb (20*1024). Such data is immune to Man-In-the-Middle attack which makes it a reliable place to store any data, including public keys for cryptographic applications. NVS is more flexible and requires less memory to store the data. As a result, it leads to a significant increase in performance at high workloads.

Emercoin provides a service for storing name->value pairs in its blockchain (Name-Value Storage, or NVS). The initial concept was inherited from the NameCoin cryptocurrency yet while NameCoin is mostly focused on supporting decentralized domain zone *.bit in their extension, Emercoin provides a universal, extensible service to store and maintain name->value pairs without imposing a narrow specialization.

Of course, Emercoin supports distributed alternative DNS service too, and each Emercoin wallet contains a built-in simple DNS server, supporting the standard RFC1034 UDP DNS protocol.

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EmerNVS is the best solution:
to store SSH keys
to store SSL certificates
to store DNS records
to store any records that must be protected from unauthorized changes
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