ENUMER is a great way to experience and provide free VoIP services. But its centralized architecture makes it prone to denial of services due to high server load.

Not so with ENUMER.

Deployed over the EmerDNS infrastructure, it is extremely fast due to local query resolution and is infinitely scalable.

And, unlike what had already happened to its centralized counterpart, it won’t let you down if the central authority collapses. Because, well, there is none.

ENUMER is a system for supporting ENUM telephone records on Emercoin's blockchain, stored under the “enum” service abbreviation in the EmerNVS.

ENUMER, orE.164 Number to URI Mapping, translates telephone numbers into IP addresses, for use by SIP Proxies, VoIP gateways, and other specialized telephony systems.

ENUMER Documentation

ENUMER is the best solution:
to call and receive calls free of charge by publishing in ENUMER
to save costs on calls to toll-free numbers
to shorten the connection time from approximately 2 sec PSTN to 0.3s ENUMER
to improve digital quality and reduce delays due to the reduction of the transcoding chain
to improve signal quality due to the ability to use HD codec
to secure connection through SRTP/ZRTP
to bypass the limit on the number of lines E1/T1
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