Do you use a server-based PKI? Don’t ask what happens if the server’s administrator wants to act dirty.

With EmerSSH, you’re totally safe. Through its decentralized nature, EmerSSH makes it impossible for anyone to obtain root certificate keys and thus decrypt the data being transmitted.

EmerSSH can be seamlessly bridged with OpenSSH, giving you flexibility in addition to security.

EmerSSH is a system for managing Public Key Infrastructures (PKI) and Access Control Lists (ACL) using the Emercoin blockchain.

EmerSSH can be bridged to OpenSSH, providing a comfortable, safe, and flexible way to log in to multiple servers via SSH. In this case,OpenSSH is configured to refer to the emcssh utility, which queries the Emercoin blockchain and retrieves SSH credentials during the authentication process.

With EmerSSH, users can manage their own public keys by submitting and modifying records in the Emercoin blockchain via the GUI or command line. Similarly, admins can manage user groups for their services that may contain references to other groups as well as individual users — allowing for the creation of recursive authentication trees.

EmerSSH operates under the “ssh” service abbreviation in the Emercoin NVS.

EmerSSH Documentation

EmerSSH is the best solution:
for decentralization of authority and as a result increased security
for easy administration and use
for automatic updating of keys and groups without the help of the administrator
for reduction in price for infrastructure support and its administration
to create absolute trust between distributed participants of infrastructure
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