Use cases

The blockchain is the next step in the development of innovative tools and applications. And Emercoin offers a wide range of dSDK for tech solutions on blockchain that can bring more intelligence and security to your projects, making them decentralized.


EmerDNS is a decentralized domain name system supporting the full range of DNS records. EmerDNS operates under the “dns” service abbreviation in the Emercoin NVS.

Thanks to Emercoin's secure and distributed blockchain, domain name records are completely decentralized and uncensorable. They cannot be altered, revoked, or suspended by any authority. Only the record owner, i.e. the one who controls the private key to the associated payment address, can modify or transfer it to another owner. These actions can be performed using the Emercoin NVS in the Emercoin wallet GUI, or via the name_new or name_update commands in the Emercoin API.

DNS records can easily be retrieved from any Emercoin wallet via the Emercoin API using JSON-RPC or the command line, or via the standard RFC1034 DNS protocol built into every Emercoin wallet.

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EmerDNS is the best solution:
to protect websites from being blocked by any authorities
to prevent domain names from being altered, revoked, or suspended
to have access to multiple domain zones instead of one
to rent a DNS record with a customizable rental period
to easily delete any records
to use the built-in DNS-server rfc1035
to manage a few subdomains

EmerSSH is a system for managing Public Key Infrastructures (PKI) and Access Control Lists (ACL) using the Emercoin blockchain.

EmerSSH can be bridged to OpenSSH, providing a comfortable, safe, and flexible way to log in to multiple servers via SSH. In this case,OpenSSH is configured to refer to the emcssh utility, which queries the Emercoin blockchain and retrieves SSH credentials during the authentication process.

With EmerSSH, users can manage their own public keys by submitting and modifying records in the Emercoin blockchain via the GUI or command line. Similarly, admins can manage user groups for their services that may contain references to other groups as well as individual users — allowing for the creation of recursive authentication trees.

EmerSSH operates under the “ssh” service abbreviation in the Emercoin NVS.

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EmerSSH is the best solution:
for decentralization of authority and as a result increased security
for easy administration and use
for automatic updating of keys and groups without the help of the administrator
for reduction in price for infrastructure support and its administration
to create absolute trust between distributed participants of infrastructure

EmerSSL is a system for passwordless website authentication that uses the Emercoin blockchain as a decentralized and trusted store of hash sums for client SSL certificates. Certificates can be generated by users on their own computers, without any central authority, and quickly replaced as needed. This makes the system effective for both scheduled updates and rapid recalls of compromised certificates.

EmerSSL enables the complete decentralization of the system. In other words, there is no single entity controlling the authentication, unlike systems such as Kerberos, OpenID, TeddyID, and the like. Thus, EmerSSL cannot suffer a system-wide service disruption whether due to technical failure or through a malicious attack on the servers. Neither can a user’s account be globally suspended at the whim of a single authority.

Associated with the EmerSSL technology is EmerSSL InfoCard — a “business card” system that complements EmerSSL's passwordless logins with website form autocompletion based on the data residing on the Emercoin blockchain.

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EmerSSL is the best solution:
for repeated use of one client SSL certificate for authorization on any server in EmerSSL system without compromising security
for the start of secure SSL session only after successful certificate authentication process
to autofill a new account form with data recorded in the blockchain

EmerDPO is a decentralized solution for digitally validating the ownership or authenticity of both physical and digital goods and services using the Emercoin blockchain. EmerDPO operates under the “dpo” service abbreviation in the Emercoin NVS.

Before blockchain, validating ownership was a drag in many areas: software licenses and subscriptions, land titles, art and jewelry ownership, vehicle registrations, and more. Authenticating ownership via written records is burdensome and opens up the possibility of fraud, counterfeiting, and even theft.

With the Emercoin blockchain, the ownership of physical and digital goods can now be immutably assigned to their respective owners.

For more information about verifying item authenticity and ownership with EmerDPO, visit

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EmerDPO is the best solution:
for companies whose goods and services are counterfeited
for organizations that want to receive information about their ultimate customers and to establish contact with them
for brands that want to be attentive to every customer
for manufacturers who want to create forgery-resistant digital passports (with records of sales and resale, maintenance, repairs)

ENUMER is a system for supporting ENUM telephone records on Emercoin's blockchain, stored under the “enum” service abbreviation in the EmerNVS.

ENUMER, orE.164 Number to URI Mapping, translates telephone numbers into IP addresses, for use by SIP Proxies, VoIP gateways, and other specialized telephony systems.

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ENUMER is the best solution:
to call and receive calls free of charge by publishing in ENUMER
to save costs on calls to toll-free numbers
to shorten the connection time from approximately 2 sec PSTN to 0.3s ENUMER
to improve digital quality and reduce delays due to the reduction of the transcoding chain
to improve signal quality due to the ability to use HD codec
to secure connection through SRTP/ZRTP
to bypass the limit on the number of lines E1/T1

Unfortunately the EmerLNX project is temporarily frozen until it can be further developed.

There are 3 roles in the EmerLNX system:

  • Buyer : Advertises their website using the EmerLNX network. They pay a small amount of funds for each Visitor referred to their site by the EmerLNX network.

  • Host : Displays EmerLNX advertisements on their website. When a Visitor clicks an ad, the Host sends this Visitor to the Buyer's website and receives payment from the Buyer for this visit.

  • Visitor : An ordinary web-user who clicks on an advertisement on the Host's website and arrives at the Buyer's website.

In the EmerLNX system, a Buyer directly pays each Host for each Visitor. There is no central agent to set a minimum price, allowed words, etc, and there is no participation fee or commission. All payments go directly from the Buyers to Hosts, without the involvement of any intermediate agent.

An EmerLNX participant can be a Buyer and Host at the same time, i.e. they can show advertising links on their website, and also purchase traffic (visits) from the EmerLNX network. Hence, they can pay other participants to attract visitors to their site, while earning money for sending visitors to other sites.

EmerLNX runs on the Emercoin cryptocurrency and uses it in two ways:

  • It uses Emercoin (EMC) as the payment unit for pay-per-click actions.
  • It uses the EmerNVS as distributed storage for advertising contracts.
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EmerLNX is the best solution:
if you are looking for a scalable system without bottlenecks that can slow it down
if you don’t want to pay a middleman for advertisement placement and display
as an ads system without centralized censorship system
if you want to decide how much to pay or to charge for every ad
as a system with a mechanism of paid contextual links, in other words – “advertising without advertising”
if you want to install on your website an ads system that is easy to use and maintain

Emercoin provides a service for storing name->value pairs in its blockchain (Name-Value Storage, or NVS). The initial concept was inherited from the NameCoin cryptocurrency yet while NameCoin is mostly focused on supporting decentralized domain zone *.bit in their extension, Emercoin provides a universal, extensible service to store and maintain name->value pairs without imposing a narrow specialization.

Of course, Emercoin supports distributed alternative DNS service too, and each Emercoin wallet contains a built-in simple DNS server, supporting the standard RFC1034 UDP DNS protocol.

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EmerNVS is the best solution:
to store SSH keys
to store SSL certificates
to store DNS records
to store any records that must be protected from unauthorized changes

Trusted Timestamp automatically applies the current timestamp  to any record added to the Emercoin blockchain. The blockchain network checks whether the timestamp is correct and rejects attempts to upload records with a timestamp differing from the current network time by more than ±2 hours. The timestamp trust, just like the transaction trust, is generated by aggregated efforts of Emercoin miners. To retrieve the timestamp, use the "name_show" command, which returns the record’s Unix time in the "time" field.

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EmerTTS is the best solution:
if you need a system that can verify the authenticity of any issued documents
if you want to develop a solution for verification of diplomas, certificates, and other educational credentials
if you have to certify the online accuracy of any documents

How it works? The blockchain stores any information forever, right? So we thought, how many times it happened - looking for some old film, and the trace of it disappeared, there were only left-hand copies with a completely wrong translation, etc. So, the magnet link in the blockchain will not go anywhere and the time will come, it will certainly be found. (it is true whether copies of that film will remain on the discs of enthusiasts, but that is another question) 

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emerMAGNET is the best solution:
to store your own torrents
to create your own tracker
File Validator

Any user can check a file obtained from torrents or similar sources for integrity and immutability. Verification is possible even if the developer has stopped supporting or has gone out of business altogether. This is very important for outdated device drivers, which can only be found in the archives of questionable sites.

Also, FV records in the Emer blockchain have reliable time stamps, and you can find out who and when published a particular signature, as well as when the signers' records were created.

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File Validator is the best solution:
Public sector
Private software collections

Randpay does not have an internal state, that is, financial interaction can begin without first establishing a relationship, and end at any time, while the completion will be correct.

This is convenient in an unreliable network environment or for occasional payments.

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Randpay is the best solution:
For IoT / EoT
For new business models of retailing micro-information packages
For direct settlement of a streaming service in real time
Connect with the Development Community
Companies partnering with Emercoin
Coca Cola Company
Coca Cola Company
Coca Cola Company is an American food company, the world’s largest manufacturer and supplier of nonalcoholic beverage concentrates and syrups.
Deloitte is a multinational company providing audit, tax, consulting, enterprise risk and financial advisory services.
Foundico is a big and free-of-charge aggregation platform for ICOs and pre-ICOs.
Kolionovo Ecosystem is a farm houshold built on the basis of the new model of rural economy.

The Bitfury Group is the largest full-service blockchain technology company in the world.


Microsoft Corporation is an American multinational technology company with headquarters in Redmond, Washington.

Beazley Insurance Company, Inc.
Beazley Insurance Company, Inc.
Beazley Insurance Company, Inc. is a provider of professional and general liability insurance products.
Lloyd’s is the oldest insurance and reinsurance market located in London.
Risk Cooperative is a coverholder at LLoyd’s and a specialized strategy, risk and insurance advisory firm.

Aspanta Limited is a Cyprus based company, an expert in full-cycle development software-as-a-service mobile and web applications.


OpenNIC is an open and democratic provider of DNS services.


I-Teco Company is a leading Russian systems integrator and provider of information technologies for corporations.


RedHat is a multinational software company providing open-source software products to the enterprise community.

Blockchain Development Association of Latvia
Blockchain Development Association of Latvia
BDA of Latvia is an association creating a favorable business environment for blockchain companies in Latvia.
Infopulse is one of the largest IT outsourcing companies in Europe specialized in software engineering, infrastructure, management, and cybersecurity.
Codiv OÜ
Codiv OÜ

Codiv OÜ, a software development company with headquarters in Tallinn, Estonia.

eZuce is an innovative technology company that provides enterprises with services for video and voice conferences.
Hashing24 is a provider of hashpower for cloud mining of Bitcoin and Ethereum cryptocurrencies.
PortaOne is a leading global software developer for modern telecommunication companies.
Trust.Zone is a provider of truely anonymous VPN service.
PeerName is a company that provides registration of decentralized domain names.